Selenite Moon, Cleansing, Purification, Protection, Moon Lover, Mystical, Crystal, Crystal Moon

The cleansing crystal Selenite is known to transmute and remove any negative energy from whatever it touches. It is pure white light energy encapsulated within a beautiful mineral. Named for the Greek Goddess of the moon, “Selene,” Selenite has a mystical glow, just like the moon herself! Keeping Selenite near you and any other crystal will benefit by keeping the energies running clear and at peak performance by clearing and cleansing any unnecessary energies that may not serve the highest good. In addition, Selenite assists with opening Third Eye and Crown Chakra. It is also perfect for altars, meditation spaces, Law of Attraction practices, sacred spaces, etc.

Care Instructions:
• Handle with gentle care
• Not intended for heat
• Do not get wet


 About this product:
• Each Selenite Moon is approximately 4 Inches
• This item is hand carved


• Selenite


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Selenite Moon