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This Reiki-infused True Love Bottle is charged with specific, thoughtful intentions meant to attract to you your true love. Hold the bottle in your hand to activate this energy and give heartfelt gratitude for the love outcome you desire as if it has already happened. When not holding the bottle, place it in your view, and each you look at it, repeat your heartfelt gratitude. Do this for 30 days.


• Transparent Glass Bottle,

• Cork Stopper

• Charms vary

• Lavender, Rose Petals, Rose Quartz

• Mixed Gemstones, Glue

About this product:

• Bottle is not intended to be opened

• Contents are not to be ingested

• Keep out of reach of children & pets

• Handmade item and may vary in appearance

• Each charm is different and not necessarily as shown in the image

• This item is handmade

Allergy Disclaimer:

This product may contain herbs, spices, or flowers not listed here.

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We do not accept returns. Each purchase is non-refundable, and we do not accept returns. Every item is made to order. Therefore, every item is unique and may vary slightly from the photo. We are not responsible for extra shipping charges, international shipping charges, or issues with mail